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Airline GSD Related Products

Key Features

All Over India, Leading Airlines and Major GSD Service Providers to Airlines have been using our Products to their Satisfaction since Last 20 Years.

We have a Wide Range of GSD Material Handling related Products Primarily

•   Solid Rubber Tyres of Various Sizes.
•   RBW Wheels.
•   Tyre Chocks.
•   Tow Bar Tyres.
•   Fire Trolley Wheels & Brackets (Castors).
•   Pallet Dolly Heavy Duty Trolley Wheels.
•   C.I. Rim & Hub Sets for 16” x 4” Tyres.
•   LDL Loader P.U. Wheels.
•   Bogey P.U. Wheels.
•   L Type Corner Buffer.
•   Tri Corner P.U. Buffer.
•   Round Buffer.
•   D Type Buffers.
•   Conveyor Belts.
•   Rubber Sheets.
•   Toilet Cart Hoses.
•   Safety Cones.
•   Safety Jackets.
•   Marshalling Torches & Many other Related Products.

Air Cushion Tyre for Baggage Trolley

This Tyre is Specially Designed for Baggage or other Fragile Material Carrying Trolley, where extra Cushioning for Trolley Tyres is required.

The Air Cavity created in the Mid-Circumference of the Tyre gives an Additional Cushioning Effect.

RBW Wheel for Heavy 20 Footer Trolley

Specially designed 16" x 4" RBW Wheel for Heavy 20 Footer Trolley, Step Ladder & Heavy Baggage Trolleys. It has Hassle free Fitting and is Long lasting. It can be Bolted directly to the Trolley & also can be Re-moulded.

Aircraft Tyre Chocks

Triangle Rubber

D Type Buffers

Round Buffers

L Type & Corner

Rubber Sheets

Fire Trolley Wheel

Step Ladders Wheel

Baggage Trolley

GPU Wheel
(Ground Power Unit)

ASU Wheel
(Air Starter Unit)

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