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RBW Wheel

RBW Wheel for Heavy 20 Footer Trolley

We can also Make this Wheel as per Customer's requirement of Various Hub Lengths & Bearing sizes.

Normally the Hubs and Rims which are bolted together have a tendency to loosen up due to Regular Usage over a Period of Time creating a Wobbling effect which has an Adverse effect on Trolley Axle & Bearings.

This Particular Model does away with loose hub & rims.  Fitting RBW Wheel, Solves the Problem of  Wobbling as the Hub is Fixed in the Wheel itself, It only has to be Bolted to The Trolley.The Overall Maintenance of the Trolley is also Reduced.

The Rubber Lining of this Wheel lasts twice the Life Span of a Normal Solid tyre with Loose Hub & Rims.

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