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We are one of the Leading Manufacturers and Suppliers of Various Rubber Items like Solid Tyres, Trolley Wheels, ForkLift Wheels, Caster Wheels, P.U Wheels,Boiler Rotating Wheels, Anti-Vibration Mountings & Automotive Rubber parts.

We also Manufacture Airport Related Ground Support Division Equipment Spares like Solid Tyres for Dolly Trolleys, Baggage Trolleys, Step ladders, Conveyors, G.P.U, A.S.U, RBW Wheels, Tyre Chock's for Aircraft, P.U. Wheels For TLD Loaders for Aircraft Corner & Round Buffer for Trolleys and various other Related items.

We are Suppliers to Airlines and Many Reputed Service Providers.

We have been in the Rubber Industry For more than 40 Years and have Vast experience to Cater to the needs of the Customers.

We also Have a Product Range of P.U (PolyUrethane) Related Items and Have the Facility to manufacture Rubber & P.U. Customised items also.

New Products

Air Cushion Tyre for Baggage Trolley

This Tyre is Specially Designed for Baggage or other Fragile Material Carrying Trolley, where extra Cushioning for Trolley Tyres is required.

The Air Cavity created in the Mid-Circumference of the Tyre gives an Additional Cushioning Effect.

RBW Wheel for Heavy 20 Footer Trolley

Specially designed 16" x 4" RBW wheel for Heavy 20 Footer Trolley, Step Ladder & Heavy Baggage Trolleys. It has Hassle free Fitting and is Long lasting. It can be Bolted directly to the Trolley, & also can be Re-moulded.

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